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Nice behavior ?
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Nice behavior ?

Dear Rita:
Something I was not involved in ... until I got this comments:

Troll 2016-11-13

Now, a user called  AntiGESTAPO, call himself as
Rita's supporters… --> Image, because the troll hide her own comments: -->  AgR
say it is "Rita" aka "SinRedemption"
 releated here… Images: Ag3  Ag0

and "Rita's supporters are responding only when Trixi's side are once again blaming Rita for harassment, not before."…

I have searched ... and found this ... and sorted it chronologically (mostly)

 Search the nice behavior (Image and )


Stupid, senseless Notes UPDATE

Honor and other stuff
Open letter to former friend
Open letter to another former friend
I thought so

Seriously ???

Long time ago:

//The day, when everyone loves you...// Shenko//………

Tagged! :33………………………………………………………

She is crying?… "I can understand why Shepards doesn't look pleased at all"

Say cheese!

#12 Forgotten Thing

Rise and Fall
//My Rock 'n' Roll //
After Date Night V2
Silver - Insomnia
After Date Night
We Do Have Souls Legion
Aliathe Beliefs - Prologue
Broken Barricades (John Shepard x James Vega)
We're in this till the end

#4b You're not alone… "It is good that somebody is watching over her."

Well no matter how tough she is she is only human after all.

Perhaps, She will wake up in the next image?…

I quote somebody ... who say he/she is a friend of "Rita" ... posted  07/11/2016 here…

"AntiGESTAPO2 days ago  New Deviant
If you wish to rumor about others, I won't stop you, I just told you the only thing you will prove doing so is that you're lifeless loser. I don't know her and you don't know her so how can you tell that's truth about her? I'm afraid you're the primitive here. I find it odd that you defend someone, who from her blog seems to be a someone who's a narcissist and bullies people. It isn't funny that someone has disability and that likes of you are bullying her just because she has that disability. Oh I'm sorry, but I don't see that your evidence would actually prove she's harassing you, because some people are right. Your evidence is just in the level of old crone's gossip. And when you made this stupid mistake and begun to talk about this issue on the internet, you just increased your problem, because everybody, who hates you, can use these words and other content to insult you, knowing you will be primitively stupid and would blame just her."

How true!

Quting the same user again:…
"AntiGESTAPO Edited 2 days ago  New Deviant
I'm speaking about Trixi's and Rita's blogs. Roll Eyes 

Doesn't matter if you blog about this or talk about this on your profiles. You have to be careful, because you will also have to answer for everything that can be put under the definition libel and defamatory.

Wrong about what? I'm wrong when I say you should stop  rumoring about each other like old gossip crones and let the police do their job? Do you know what happens if in investigation process it's found out person you blamed is innocent? For false accusations you can be put behind bars! Perhaps you will also have to pay for the damages you have done to accused people, if they are innocent."


So true! So sad! So pathetic!

Poor business tactics 

FAQ #574: Can I advertise on DeviantArt without purchasing an official advertising package?

This is truly sad that this resorts to these terribly poor business tactics. Can’t they afford actual advertising? Is this really working for them?

If I ever have an option between any other "vendor" and this seller, I would never choose this: Rainbow Shawl by dosiak

Just wondering why


 has proposed it as DD :(




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